Eagle Eye Advantages

  • Focused on providing integrated UAV-enabled services and technology solutions
  • Visual inspection, condition monitoring, assessment risk management, surveys, mapping,
  • Employing best of breed technologies (incl., photogrammetry, videography, IR, LIDAR, GIS, post-processing, modeling, data management, and others)
  • Supported by world-class value-added technical services, and consulting (incl., data processing, modeling, analysis, risk management, application and sourcing strategy)
  • Building on a solid, established telecom business platform with focus on growth in the North American energy, health care,  government, and infrastructure sectors and an opportunistic approach to other markets
  • Target clients – Asset owners/operators, technical service companies , emergency response, medical and health care, and government agencies
  • Key differentiators and competitive strengths – Energy sector expertise and experience, technology and systems development and integration expertise and experience, experience and expertise in industrial UAV operations, ability to create customized, integrated solutions exploiting best-of-breed technologies and end-to-end technical service capabilities